The historical building complex of Dar al Consul is located in the Old City of Jerusalem and covers about 2400 mq, bounded by Khan El Zeit Street, where there are shops of the Jerusalem Souk, and El Tikkyeh Street, where the entrances are.
It is planned to rehabilitate the houses to improve the living conditions of the local community living there and to upgrade the building status upper the street level and also to upgrade the open spaces among the houses, and to rehabilitate the basement floor.
For this reason investigations on structural elements made with stone elements and reinforced concrete were carried out (surveys with videoscope, flat jacks, analysis of samples of mortar and stone elements, sonic tests, coring on concrete, tests with covermeter, rebound hammer, ultrasonic probes and SonReb method, tensile tests of steel rebar). Using results obtained by tests, the static and seismic structural verification of the structure was carried out.